Accessories and Optional Extras

hot tub touch screen and accessories

Gecko in.Stream II Bluetooth Audio System

Transducer speaker music system with sub woofer and IN.STREAM bluetooth, available as an optional extra with all of our hot tubs, swim spas and exercise pools, is a full Audio System.

The audio system offered on selected Riptide pools and spas comes complete with a transducer speaker system, and a subwoofer speaker built into the frame and the In.STREAM bluetooth sytem providing excellent sound quality.

Our integrated audio system is perfect for background music whilst bathing and swimming, and capable of providing extra volume as required when entertaining guests, or for garden parties.

Gecko in.Touch II

If you want to connect your spa to the internet, it’s easy to get lost in a large clutter of setups and configurations. In.Touch 2 eliminates all the complexities of connecting your spa on the internet and transforms your smartphone or tablet into your ultimate wireless remote control.

In.Touch 2 comes with a state of the art app and two pre-paired radio frequency transmitters. One being part of your spa system and the second one, being connected to your internet router.  Both RF transmitters are pre-linked to one another, enabling an immediate and perfect communication between you and your spa. Both transceivers emit a strong, stable and long-range signal between your spa and your router (about 3 times longer than regular signal)

gecko in.touch 2
Gecko in.mix 300

Gecko in.Mix 300

The old fashioned way to control your spa’s light system is a little… archaic and cumbersome. Pressing repeatedly on a key to get to the color you want is not what one can call “user friendly”. Even worse is having to go through this whole process over again, every time you use your spa. Also, being restricted to a limited number of lights and colors is a little “passé”.

Its nice to be able to define independent zones in a spa, where colours and intensity could be easily set according to the mood of the moment, to have new ways to colour the water, the contour or the side panels of your spa, to create stunning underwater light shows and to illuminate the outer surface of your spa.

This is only available on our Starlight range of Hot Tubs.

Hand Held Massager

The optional Hand Held Massage Jet allows you to massage your legs and upper body or anywhere that’s difficult to get to with a conventional jet. The massager is easy to install using an existing spa jet face and can be removed and stored as required.

If you’ve been out at the gym, on a long weekend cycle or just have an achy muscle that you can’t seem to deal with, the hand held massage is the perfect extra for you. By installing in a jet which is already in your hot tub you can massage the areas that the jets on your back, legs and feet can’t quite reach. Although the soothing warm water will definitely help sometimes you need that little extra something and that is when the Hand Held Massage Jet comes into play, massaging your chest, arms, tops of your legs or wherever your aches and pains are, its a great addition to your hot tub.

hand held massage
hot tub tv monitor

Outdoor TV Monitor

The Riptide spa/pool mount outdoor Monitor. Our premium quality all weather monitor connects to your home signal via a choice of co axle’, HDMI, AV or cabinet mounted USB port and includes a water proof remote control.

Sit back and relax in the warmth of your Riptide hot tub or swim spa and watch your favourite film or TV program. Watch by yourself or with your family, its a great way to pass the time whilst enjoying soaking. Keep the kids entertained when they join you so you can have a quick relax whilst they watch and enjoy their favourite characters on the screen in their warm pool.

Swim Pole

The Swim Rod system is an aftermarket alternative to more expensive counter-current jet swim spa systems. The device is a little like a very strong and sturdy fishing pole, which attaches to the shell or perimeter of your pool, and is anchored at 45 degrees to the back of the swimmer. The swimmer is tethered with a strong, elasticated line via a comfortable Velcro belt which is secured to the swimmer’s waist. The result is an incredible swim experience, where you can swim as hard or slow as you like in any style, while the Swim Rod keeps you gently positioned in the centre of the pool.

The Swim Rod has sufficient flexibility to allow you to swim hard, and after each stroke it gently pulls you back into place. Many professional swimmers use the system and prefer it to swimming lengths or swimming against a counter current.

exercise pool swim pole
riptide steps

Colour Matched Steps

These heavy duty outdoor steps are built from UV stable materials, and are perfectly colour matched to suit our pool cabinet choices, including Coastal Grey and Coffee.

Dimensions: 1000mm wide x 800mm deep x 660mm high. The Triple Steps are sold with 1 Year Warranty.

These steps are made for our Swim Spas and Exercise Pools but there are also  steps made especially  for our Hot Tub ranges, Starlight and Urban Lite have individual steps but Heritage and Prestige share the same.

You can see these steps in the image gallery when you look at the individual hot tub.

Extra Hand Rails

(Atlantis/Nautilus/Manta Only)

Whilst our swim and spa models come complete with hand rails as standard, our dedicated exercise pools Atlantis and Nautilus can also have rails fitted.

These are great to use when you need a break from swimming or can be used to get in and out of the pool.

hand rails
hot tub bar fridge

Spa Bar Fridge

The Spa Bar is the perfect addition to a party spa, if you are someone who likes to entertain with your Hot Tub or Swim Spa then this is what you need. Made from stainless steel and complete with 2 shelves and 2 bottle baskets. The 13-amp fridge will hold over 25 litres of drinks and comes complete with a toughened-glass folding lid.

The Spa Bar is ideal for putting beside your hot tub and providing thirst-quenching drinks for those all-day spa parties. Having this next to you whilst relaxing in the spa means you don’t have to get out and face the cold for that long walk to the fridge, just fill up the spa bar before you get in and voila, refreshments for the whole time you are in there.

Watch the Poseidon Swim Spa in action…


Available as an optional extra with all of our pools is a full Audio System.

This includes IN.Stream bluetooth module, transducer speaker system, and a subwoofer speaker built into the frame providing excellent sound.

hot tubs accessories


There are a range of covers available for your Riptide Product as well as many different cover lifters and devices to help you remove and replace your cover with ease.

Foldaway Hot tub Cover

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