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What Pool & Hot Tub – Our Top 30 Hot Tubs – #16 Prestige Monarch

by Jon Wadeson

2017/18 Issue

The Swim Spa Solution – 10 of the Best Swim Spas – #16 Prestige Monarch

The Prestige Monarch spa accommodates up to 6 bathers, and includes a full length lounge within its cleverly designed interior. The Monarch features free form seating which allows you to move from one seat to another with ease. For extra relaxation, the full length lounger offers the perfect hydrotherapy massage after a long, tiring day.

What Pool & Hot Tub – Our Top 30 Hot Tubs – #12 Urban Lite Uptown

by Jon Wadeson

2017/18 Issue

The Swim Spa Solution – Our Top 30 Hot Tubs – #12 Urban Lite Uptown

The 5 person Urban Lite Uptown has 3 large, comfortable seats with spacious leg room, a luxurious lounger with foot jets and an additional cool down seat. Twenty one hydrotherapy jets in 5 varieties spread across the spacious interior allow you to ease your way from one seat to another to enjoy a different massage combination. With plenty of spa top space to rest your drinks on whilst enjoying your soak, the optional handheld massager, powered by the centrally positioned volcano jet is accessible from anywhere in the spa.

What Pool & Hot Tub – The Swim Spa Solution – #2 Oceana

by Jon Wadeson

2017/18 Issue

The Swim Spa Solution – 10 of the Best Swim Spas – #2 Oceana

At only 4.98m, the Oceana us a fully featured and stylist exercise pool, designed to slot into spaces where a 6m pool will not, whilst providing plenty of swims space. Available for £14,750, the Oceana features an impressive counter-current provided by three wide mouth swim jets, has beautifully styled internal steps for easy access into the pools and a chrome handrail to make counter-current adjustment easy. Quality features include an ozone system, relaxing backlit waterfalls, waterline lighting and underwater illumination to aid swimming. A great value exercise pool with company footprint, the Oceana is an ideal pool to install where space is limited.

What Pool & Hot Tub – The Swim Spa Solution – #7 Poseidon

by Jon Wadeson

2017/18 Issue

The Swim Spa Solution – 10 of the Best Swim Spas – #7 Poseidon

An ultimate swim and spa package, the £23,995 Poseidon is one of the finest exercise pools available today. Two volumes of water allows the spa end temperature to be adjusted to got with the swim end kept at a lower temperature more suitable for swimming against the counter-currents. The spa end accommodates five adults with powerful hydrotherapy jets, waterfall and LED lighting. The swim and has six powerful, adjustable jets and three rest seats. The Poseidon is crammed full of features to create a stunning swim spa. Cutting-edge pump and heating technology ensures that it is extremely economical to run.

What Pool & Hot Tub – The Swim Spa Solution – #9 Nautilus Super Pro

by Jon Wadeson

2017/18 Issue

The Swim Spa Solution – 10 of the Best Swim Spas -#9 Nautilus Super Pro

This top of the range os Riptide’s ultimate swimming machine with an incredibly powerful variable speed counter-current which provides an outstanding swimming experience for athletes and strong swimmers. With nine swimming speeds controlled via the visual display, at its fastest level the counter-current on the Nautilus Super Pro is pushing out 3,500 gallons a minute, equal to an 8mph water speed, whilst at its lowest setting a small child could comfortably doggy paddle. Features underwater and multi point perimeter LED lighting system. With a 32 amp power supply, the Super Pro uses surprisingly little energy to operate and is available for £29,950.

WhatSwimSpa? Best Buys £0 – £14,999

by Nick Clamp

Issue 5 /Summer 2017

Riptide Pools Oceana – WhatSwimSpa? Verdict

This stylish exercise pool by Essex-based Riptide Pools has been especially designed to provide a quality swim experience at a price point that defies belief! At almost five meters long and boasting three Wide Mouth swim jets powered by three powerful pumps, the Oceana can accommodate swimmers of all abilities from budding pool stars of the future to leisure swimmers that want to stay fit and healthy. All Riptide models are now supplied with Humpback Covers, which are built with a rise in the middle of the cover, encouraging rain water to fall away. A formidable swim current and four corner fountains make this a worthy winner!

WhatSwimSpa? Best Buys £15,000 – £24,999

by Nick Clamp

Issue 5 Summer 2017

Riptide Pools Poseidon – WhatSwimSpa? Verdict

The Riptide Poseidon is the ultimate swim and spa dual-chamber package, offering the ‘best of both worlds’ for those who want to enjoy a cool swim and a relaxing massage in warm water afterwards. Two volumes of water ensure that the spa end is hot, whilst the swim end is at a lower temperature suitable for swimming against the four powerful counter current jets. The spa chamber has ample space for up to four to five adults, is packed with 70 massage jets and even manages to cram in a comfortable lounge sear for the ultimate ‘warm down’. An affordable family swim spa package that will suit swimmers of all ages and abilities.

WhatSwimSpa? Best Buys £25,000+

by Nick Clamp

Issue 5 /Summer 2017

Riptide Pools Nautilus Super Pro – WhatSwimSpa? Verdict

The Nautilus Super Pro by Riptide Pools is one of the most powerful, yet adjustable swim spas on the market and has won our Best Buy plaudits many times before. The Nautilus Super Pro incorporates the brand’s flagship variable speed drive propulsion unit which has a high plumbing system that delivers anything from a trickle to 16,000 liners per minute torrent. Swimmers of all abilities can programme and track their progress and increase in small increments as fitness and technique improves over time. Whether you are a novice swimmer, or a serious open-water competitor, the Nautilus Super Pro can cater for you. Simple amazing!

Prime Minister’s Paddling Time

By Paul McDermott 7th October 2008

Daily Mail Newspaper 
Daily Mail online

As reported in the Daily Mail on Tuesday 7th October 2008, former Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie, have finally decided to take the plunge by buying a state-of-the-art Riptide Trident Pro Exercise Pool from HotSpring.

Installing the Riptide Trident Pro Exercise Pool into the Blair’s grounds at their Buckinghamshire residence was a challenge due to restricted access, but the HotSpring team of professional installers made sure that a solution was found quickly and carefully.  It was decided that boards would be laid on the grass for the delivery vehicle to rest on while the 13,400KG Riptide Trident Pro Exercise Pool was lifted up and over a 12ft brick garden wall.  The HotSpring team face similar challenges every day and were able to complete the tricky manoeuvre in good time without issue whilst protecting the surrounding area from damage.

Both Mr and Mrs Blair have been reported in the media as new converts to the fitness regime after enjoying the lifestyle that comes with living at 10 Downing Street and have now decided that their mutual love of swimming and the incredible Riptide Trident Pro Exercise Pool will allow them both to have an enjoyable yet serious workout to improve fitness and wellbeing.

Cherie splashes out on a £30,000 fitness pool as her weight loss drive continues

By Julie Moult and Emily Andrews
Last updated at 10:20 AM on 07th October 2008

Losing weight is tough, as Cherie Blair knows.

But if yesterday’s shenanigans at the Blairs’ new country mansion is any indication, keeping it off could be harder than she bargained for. The Blairs, who have lost four stone between them recently, were meant to be taking delivery of their latest fitness toy – a £30,000 wave exercise pool.

The Blairs were waiting for their Riptide pro-exercise pool – but getting the pool in there proved to be its own challenge. Mrs Blair, who showed off her new figure at a charity event earlier this month, is determined to keep up her new regime. But the pool, which arrived at the family’s £4.4million mansion in Buckinghamshire, was too big a load to fit up the driveway.

At one point during the chaotic afternoon, the order for the state-of-the-art pool was unceremoniously cancelled. But just as the disheartened pool company boss was about to leave, the deal was back on again. The bizarre turn of events began shortly after 1pm when HotSpring branch manager Daniel Warner arrived at the Blairs’ home, closely followed by a company transit van emblazoned with a picture of a semi-naked woman enjoying a hot tub.

At about 1.30pm a low loader arrived, carrying the framework for the pool. Workers arrived with the pool yesterday, but were thwarted at the gates But because of the width of the truck, it quickly became apparent it would not be able to drive into the grounds. So instead it parked by the 12ft garden wall which surrounds the property, in the hope of hoisting the pool over it into the grounds.

However, that was scuppered too because the truck was too heavy to drive onto the grass verge. Frantic calls were made and 15 minutes later another HotSpring van arrived with dozens of boards to protect the grass. But just as the pool was due to be lifted over the fence, a member of the estate staff came dashing out to stop proceedings.

After ten minutes of negotiations, Mr Warner declared: ‘That’s the lot gone, order’s cancelled, that’s cost me £1,500.’

But just as the truck was about to leave, there was an apparent change of heart and the deal was suddenly back on. By 3pm the pool was being winched over the wall at last and work can now begin to install it in the grounds. ‘This was primarily Cherie’s idea but they both enjoy swimming as a form of exercise,’ a source close to the Blairs said. ‘They are both really pleased with the weight they have lost and Cherie, in particular, has never looked better. Both are absolutely determined they will keep their fitness regime up.’

The couple decided to try to slim down after piling on the pounds during Tony Blair’s time as Prime Minister. Mrs Blair, who has always struggled with her weight, has tried a variety of diets and new age philosophies over the years. But in the months since the Blairs left Downing Street last June, it seems basic diet and exercise have worked wonders.

Her new 20ft Riptide Trident PRO exercise pool – a snip at almost £28,950 – is fitted with a counter-current to swim against and promises to give ‘even the strongest swimmer an excellent work-out’.

A spokesman for the Blairs declined to comment.

Your’s for £28,950 – an exercise pool just like Tony & Cherie’s

By Emine Saner of  The Guardian

Wednesday October 8 2008

    If I was rich, I would definitely buy an exercise pool. Cherie and Tony Blair have just had one installed in their new Buckinghamshire mansion and, after trying one, I am quite jealous. I do hate swimming – it’s so boring, and you have to swim in public pools with lots of half-naked strangers who may or may not be quite dirty – but the Riptide Trident Pro exercise pool is fun. It’s like a huge bath – it is 6 metres (20ft) long – and pumps out a current of up to 8mph against which you swim. The highest setting, designed to be used by athletes in training, was too powerful for me and I kept getting buffeted against the side, but five minutes of swimming against a gentler current still tired me out. There is underwater lighting, and even cameras so you can watch yourself swim on a screen set up by the side of the pool – perfect for narcissistic celebrities. Even the water tastes nice.

    But since I don’t have £28,950 to spare, nor a mansion to install it in, I will concentrate on the negative points. It can’t be very eco-friendly and costs around £15 to £20 a week in electricity to run, though it is more energy-efficient than a full-size swimming pool because it is insulated. And you only need to change the water – all 11,500 litres of it – once every six months. Eeurgh.

    “It sounds a bit grim, but it’s not – it has a filtration and sanitisation system,” says Stephanie Self, manager of the Chelmsford showroom of the company that sells the pool. It sells up to 40 every year; the celebrity chef Jean-Christophe Novelli also has one.

    Did she get to see Tony Blair in his Speedos? “Unfortunately not,” she says (he didn’t accompany Cherie, who went to another showroom). Can you use the pool to have a bath in? “Er, no,” says Self. Apparently, bubble bath and shampoo could damage the filtration system. Can animals go in it? (I’m thinking of dogs I know who like to swim.) “We don’t recommend it, but we did actually sell one to a lady who used it for her poodle.”

    Tony and Cherie Blair pay £30,000 for fitness pool

    By Chris Irvine for The Daily Telegraph
    Last Updated: 10:49AM BST 07 Oct 2008

    The former Prime Minister and his wife have lost four stone between them recently, and decided to spent £28,950 to help keep the weight off. The 20ft Riptide Trident PRO exercise pool which is fitted with a counter-current to give “even the strongest swimmer an excellent work-out.” It arrived at the Blair’s £4.4 million mansion in Buckinghamshire, but at one point it appeared the order was cancelled because it was too big to fit up the driveway.

    Because of the width of the truck, it would not be able to drive into the grounds. Instead it parked by the 12ft garden wall which surrounds the property, in the hope of hoisting the pool over it into the grounds. However, it then appeared that the truck was too heavy to drive onto the grass verge. Then as the pool was due to be lifted over the fence, a member of the estate staff came out to stop proceedings.

    There was then a change of heart and the deal was back on, with the pool lifted over the wall.

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