Riptide Hot Tub & Swim Spa Features

Counter Currents

The combination of up to 6 variable speed jets on our domestic models create a powerful counter current that will challenge most swimmers.

The jets create a massive force of water to swim against and will give the whole family tremendous fun. They’re fully adjustable via a programmable control panel and can be set to your own strength or fitness level.

counter current jets
relaxing in the hot tub

A Warm Relaxing Experience All Year Round

The water temperature is thermostatically controlled up to 40º and is ready for you to take a dip and relax anytime you fancy. An insulated shell and cover ensures it is also economical. Taking a plunge in the twilight hours is not a problem as all our pools feature underwater lighting. As we move from season to season you can adjust the temperature for the perfect swimming conditions at any time of year.

Relaxing Waterfall & Lighting

The sound and sight of cascading water is proven to soothe and calm. This is why we build a beautiful, relaxing waterfall feature into every Riptide Swim Spa, perfectly complemented by the underwater and perimeter LED lighting systems which are standard across the range.

woman in spa with waterfall
crane moving a swim spa

Relocatable Swim Spa

Install a conventional swimming pool and you’ll sink a lot more into your home than just a pool. If you move home your investment in the pool stays behind, often with no increase in the value of your property. Fortunately, our swim spas are specifically designed to be fully relocatable – when you move your pool goes with you! With its sturdy steel frame and internally fitted components, the fully trained staff at our Dealerships can simply lift up your swim spa and take it to its new home.

Pure, Clean Water

Unlike a conventional pool, Riptide swimming spas require very little cleaning as they incorporate a state-of-the-art filtration and sanitising system. With high performance pumps, corona discharge ozone systems and skimmer filter system, you can always be sure of a clean and safe pool experience. These efficient sanitizing systems also lessen the need for the addition of chemicals to maintain clean water which is good for both you and the environment.

couple relaxing in spa
quality construction

Quality Construction

All our hot tubs and swim spas are built to last a life time. We use only the highest quality materials for construction, including acrylics by Lucite and Aristech for world class shells, Spa Control and music systems by Gecko, low maintenance Synthetic wood FX cabinets, Wakker brand silicon’s and glues, Riptide silent circulation and Hydrotherapy pumps. We manufacture to ISO9001 and are fully CE and UL compliant which all adds up to a hot tub or pool that you can relax in and not have to worry about.

Comfort & Massage

Every seat or lounger in your Riptide spa is ergonomically designed so your body is fully supported and only when you feel this way can you truly let go and relax. Our hydrotherapy jets are carefully positioned to massage specific muscle groups and each jet can either be turned on or off or the amount of air pressure reduced or increased to exactly the right pressure.

relaxing in pure clean water
hot tub in snow

Great Riptide Insulation

Riptide Prestige & Starlight hot tubs are some of the most energy efficient spas on the market. Each spa has ‘full foam’ 100mm of close cell foam sprayed to the shell also enveloping the plumbing. Full foam costs more money in production but over time will pay back more in saved energy costs.  Keeping heat inside the spa means your water is always hot, costing as little as 60p per day. All the cabinets on Riptide hot tubs and swim spas are designed to keep heat in and to recycle any waste heat back to the water via the air venturi attached to each jet. Prestige and Starlight collections also benefit from a reflective layer of insulation on the floor inside the cabinet ensuring no heat loss to the ground. Worried about running costs? Check out the cost of running a Riptide spa with our Running Cost Calculator.

High Quality Synthetic Wood Cabinets

Each cabinet is handmade and fitted by craftsmen who take pride in their work. The synthetic wood grain material we use is UV resistant and easy to clean. Most owners just give the cabinet a quick wash once a month with a hose pipe or pressure washer and that’s all that is required to keep your spa cabinet looking great for years.

hardwearing synthetic wood cabinet
roll up cover for exercise pools

Easy to Remove Covers

As an alternative to traditional hard covers and in light of customer requests Riptide have developed our own soft covers for Swimspas and exercise pools. The Rollup covers are made using a skeleton frame work which is covered externally by a waterproof cotton fabric and on the underside is a dense malleable heat retaining foam like you find in modern floatation devices. The skeleton is designed to fold flat when it is rolled up so that just one person starting at one end can easily roll the cover off and on the pool within a minute. The cover is designed for water to run off also with straps and locks to both anchor the cover down in wind and control access to the pool.

Traditional Hard Covers

To keep your Hot tub piping hot and ready to use, your Riptide spa comes complete with a thermal cover included in the spa cost. Our cover is made from a custom sized polystyrene core which is shrunk wrapped in an ozone resistant aluminium layer. Which in turn is sewn in to a beautifully crafted marine vinyl cover. The cover’s overall shape mirrors that of the spa and also is higher at the centre and lower at the front and back to allow rain water to run off. Both halves of the spa cover have zippers which allow for cover core replacement and the hinge between the two halves is fitted with a hinge seal that stops heat from escaping via the gap between the two covers. Each cover comes with 4 lockable and adjustable straps to stop the wind taking the cover away in a storm and locks to stop unwanted access.

hot tub hard cover

View the Poseidon Swim Spa in action…


Available as an optional extra with all of our pools is a full Audio System.

This includes IN.Stream bluetooth module, transducer speaker system, and a subwoofer speaker built into the frame providing excellent sound.

hot tubs accessories


There are a range of covers available for your Riptide Product as well as many different cover lifters and devices to help you remove and replace your cover with ease.

Foldaway Hot tub Cover

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