Poseidon with roll up cover

Roll Up Pool Cover 

The Roll Up cover makes removing and replacing your pool’s lid incredibly easy. It does what it says on the tin, you roll it up. Starting at one end of the pool you roll the cover whilst walking along and moving through your pool. If you want to swim by yourself and don’t have another person to remove the traditional lids with the roll up cover makes the whole process easy and one person friendly.

The Roll Up cover is available on all Riptide Pools and is available in Coffee and Grey to colour match your pool’s cabinet. Roll Up covers provide an excellent level of insulation are lockable and easy to clean. This is a 5.8 Poseidon and it took under a minute to remove the cover whilst being inside the pool itself, no more removing the covers in the cold!

Long lasting maintenance free design that combines form and functionality. Use of high-end materials and engineering technology assures a maintenance free experience.


How to Roll Up the Pool Cover Video

View the Poseidon Swim Spa in action…


Available as an optional extra with all of our pools is a full Audio System.

This includes IN.Stream bluetooth module, transducer speaker system, and a subwoofer speaker built into the frame providing excellent sound.

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There are a range of covers available for your Riptide Product as well as many different cover lifters and devices to help you remove and replace your cover with ease.

hot tub with foldaway cover

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